Youth Ministries Grades 6-12

Messiah is truly alive with the many ministry offerings for all age groups.  We constantly strive to design ministries for our youth that will not only be of interest to them, but also give them an opportunity to feel as though they are part of a larger family, the Messiah family.

We hope that something in this list will interest you—or give you an idea for another ministry!  Look it over! We look forward to your participation in one or more of our ministries.

  • Sunday School
  • Advent Programming
  • Boy Scouts
  • Christmas Play
  • Confirmation Planning/Confirmation
  • Nursery Volunteer
  • Youth Gatherings
  • Youth Events
  • Family Fun Events
  • Praise Band
  • Holland Book Festival
  • Sound Team Assistants
  • Youth Mission Trips
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Relay for Life
  • Parents’ Day/Night Out
  • Crosslines Toy Store

Our church is always looking for new ways to serve and reach out to meet the needs of not only our youth,  but the youth of the community and world around us.  For that reason, this list is always changing.  Please call us for any updates.  We want YOU to feel like you are an important part of our wonderful church family!