1. Navigate to the "Give" tab
2. Click on "Give Now"
3. There will be a pop up that opens when you click on "Give Now", fill out the information needed
        + If you are giving to a Memorial Fund, please state which Memorial Fund that is in the
           "Note/Memo (optional)" line. If you don't, we won't know which Fund to give  that gift to
4. After you have filled in all the information needed you will need to check the box next to "Remember Me"
        + After you check the box, you will need to select and type in a Password and PIN  that Tithe.ly
          will securely store and you will use to give in the future
5. If you'd like to receive the Lastest News from the ELCA, you will check the last box on the page.
6. Click on "Give Now *amount you chose*" at the bottom of the window
7. This should complete the process and you'll receive an email receipt of your Giving!