Imagine a congregation that is genuinely caring and alert to the opportunities around them...

Do you have a desire to help with a ministry? We know that members who volunteer benefit in numerous ways! They feel better connected to their faith and community. They are healthier and have a lower stress level, AND they feel that volunteering has enriched their sense of purpose!

Messiah Lutheran is alive with people who wish to serve the Lord by serving others. These congregational members support a wide range of mission-driven ministries with their time, talents, and energy. We have set in place a "permission-giving" ministry model. What does this mean? It means that you will be encouraged and supported in any ministry that is consistent with the congregation's mission.

Take some time! Look at our list! Consider the gifts with which God has blessed you! How can you serve? What new ministries would you like to see started? Contact us!

Since there are over 100 different possible ways in which you can become involved in a ministry, we have listed them by category.

  • Adult
  • Youth (junior high and high school students)
  • Child
  • Family
  • Small Groups/Teams
  • Outreach
  • Healing and Care
  • Music
  • Advent & Easter Festival Teams